UCAS and Personal Statement

The name of our business reflects the fact that we are invested in offering bespoke support tailored to the needs of each individual student.

UCAS application process

For students outside the school system, university application can be a daunting prospect.  With our experience of working within the university admissions process we can offer support at any stage in the process whether you are taking the first tentative steps  fo researching suitable Higher Education courses, filling in your UCAS form or are looking to overcome a hurdle along the way. 

Sessions arranged on an hourly basis


Writing your Personal Statement 
We have experience of working within the university admissions process and therefore have a good understanding of what univerisities are looking for in applicants.  We offer guidance to students writing their personal statements to help ensure that they represent themselves as the amazing person they are!

Sessions arranged on an hourly basis:

initial meeting face-to-face or via Skype (same price as tuition)

support with writing and re-drafting (£20 per hour)

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