"He really looks forward to your weekly lesson and is usually buzzing when he comes home. "



"The extra tuition provided by Gaynor, without a doubt, made the difference between a scraped pass and an 'A' grade at AS Level Chemistry. Not only did she equip me with the skills required to excel in the exam, but she also re-instilled a passion for the subject. She didn't just teach me the bare minimum required for the exam, but allowed me to study far beyond the specification, giving me a greater understanding of chemistry, which helped with the exam itself. The relaxed yet professional atmosphere was the perfect situation for me to be taught in, as it not only gave way to discussion of topics covered, but also made sure we were on track to covering the content required."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with putting C back on the confidence trail with his Maths. He has enjoyed his lessons with you and I am so glad that I chose you to tutor him as he couldn't have had a better teacher."



"Thank you so much, C thoroughly enjoys all his sessions with you and the additional support is obviously benifitting him in all areas.  We're especially pleased that he is enjoying literacy so much and that he specifically asked to continue this with you in the autumn term ."

"Grade B in English language is amazing and he is chuffed to bits!  Thank you so much for all the hard work you did with him over the last year."

"I got full marks in Unit 2! Thank you so much for your help."

Gaynor is amazing! She is not like a normal tutor. She does fun lessons and is funny. I would love her to be my school teacher.

Extremely good. Very interesting lessons, very easy to understand and memorise. Highly recommended.

Gaynor has been tutoring my daughter for the past school year. Gaynor has been an excellent tutor and quickly developed an effective working relationship with my daughter. During the past year, they have focused on developing a writing style that Charlotte feels comfortable with. Previously at school, Charlotte has suffered with "blank page syndrome" and would struggle to write confidently and creatively.  As such her school grades were suffering and she lacked self-belief. Working together on a one-to-one basis with Gaynor has not only developed her writing ability but also her confidence. Using  a variety of methods, Charlotte's free writing has improved and she has made great progress at school. Charlotte positively looks forward to her sessions!

"He got three 8s for English Literature, Language and Maths- a big improvement on his mocks . Many thanks for all your work with him, it has clearly paid dividends."

"I honestly feel that if she hadn't come to you she would not have achieved what she now has."

“I cannot thank you enough for your excellent work with H. She feels that you were the difference between her passing or failing her GCSE's in Mathematics and Science.

I do hope she can use you again for her A levels, I know she found you a very good teacher.”

"Kate is a truly gifted teacher.  Both my children have suffered in main stream education with lack of self confidence which has held their grades back. With Kate they have not only obtained the grades (far better than they expected), they have developed as people. They've started to believe they could do it and also that they were good at the subjects. Her approach isn't just about the subject she's teaching, it is about the child as a whole. She really nurtures their self confidence.  My children would not be where they are today without her help."

"My daughter always looks forward to her classes with Gaynor and comes out bubbling with enthusiasm. I can see a marked improvement in both her writing skills and her confidence. Gaynor finds just the right balance between encouraging my daughter's strengths and focusing on improving her weaker areas. I have no hesitation in recommending Gaynor as a wonderful tutor who would make a great contribution to any student."

"Kate has been tutoring our daughter Mollie for the past year.  The quality of her teaching is evident in the results Mollie has achieved.  However, just as important as the teaching, Mollie has benefitted from Kate’s supportive and caring nature, this combined with Kate’s professionalism has provided Mollie with the very best tutoring we could have wished for."



"Kate started tutoring my daughter (aged 13) after a very difficult experience of secondary school which led to her de registration and home education.  Kate has a natural ability and an expert skill in nurturing an interest in learning both within a group setting and one to one.  My daughter soon developed a strong self motivated interest in learning the topic and doing the work that was needed for the course. 

Along with the participation in learning my daughter has flourished with re gaining her confidence and indeed increasing her confidence beyond anything I remember.  She will ask questions, investigate her surroundings, problem solves and thinks about her future with great aims.

Kate gives good, honest feedback to both my daughter and myself - the positive is so encouraging and even the areas for improvement are communicated in a way that encourages confidence in being able to succeed.

Kate tutoring my daughter is a chapter of our home educating life that I will always consider as the crucial turning point in making the journey a successful one both for my daughter and myself.  Not only did Kate provide the appropriate tutoring to my daughter as an individual but she was a tremendous emotional support too.  My daughter found it very easy to discuss anything with Kate and Kate ensured she was available for support and guidance when needed.  I have been nothing but inspired by her.

The only difficult issue we have had to overcome is Kate, Gaynor and family moving to Yorkshire - though I can now say the tutoring continues successfully but we still miss them terribly.

Thank you so much Kate, Gaynor and your wonderful children for shining a light for us to see and feel  things differently."

"thank you so much for all the help and support you have given her in this last stressful year.  She speaks so very highly of you and I know she got so much out of your sessions."