Literacy, Language and Literature from Key Stage 1 to A Level

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2: National Curriculum
My aim is to enrich your child's experience of writing and to increase their writing confidence. The heart of what I do is to partner with students in writing their own words. For early or unconfident writers, this may involve dictating their ideas to me only gradually increasing how much they write. With increasing fluency and self-belief, students take over the writing process and I work with them, discussing their feelings, encouraging deeper and wider thinking and helping them to express more complex ideas or language.  We build up a piece of writing which we then revise and edit, discussing structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar until we have a final piece which, if desired, can be published to family and friends. 

The work I do is linked to the New National Curriculum grammar, spelling and punctuation. Using real texts (such as picture books, story books or  students' favourite reading books ), spelling, punctuation and grammar are learned in engaging and meaningful contexts. The same texts can be used to practice handwriting, copying skills and the note-taking skills required throughout education.

GCSE Language and Literature and A Level English Literature: Exam Success
Working with students to prepare for their GCSEs in English Language and English Literature, I aim to enhance students' skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar alongside their understanding of text and their confidence as writers in different contexts. At both GCSE and A Level, I really enjoy enthusing students in their understanding and enjoyment of set texts, especially, poetry and Shakespeare.